The online store where innovation, convenience and technology come together. Discover a growing selection featuring high-quality, fun and trendy products ranging from smart sleep masks, solar panel chargers and LED clouds to fitness equipment, stylish apparel and even art – delivered directly to your door.

Widget Goon Values:

Innovation. Impact. Inspiration.

Innovation: Forget the predictable items or the boring shopping experiences. From the latest in technology to the trendiest accessories, at Widget Goon, we never stop seeking interesting, useful and innovative products to share with you.

Impact: A colorful piece of art that adds a vibrant touch to your home décor, new gadgets that spark curiosity or fitness equipment to boost your active lifestyle, we aim to positively impact every aspect of your life through great products.

Inspiration: Discover a customer care team that forgets the cookie-cutter responses to truly listen and provide solutions, an intuitive and smooth shopping experience, and a selection of exciting and innovative products that never stops growing.

Creating special moments

Widget Goon is set on a mission to find, create and showcase products that touch every aspect of your life.

To do so, our team searches the world to spot the latest trends, find the best products, and create a growing catalogue of items that spans from technology and art to fitness and apparel. And the results are worth it.

Whether you are looking for a creative gift, a cool gadget that gets attention, or even something as simple as a kitchen appliance to make your life easier, you will quickly discover that our impact goes well beyond useful items.

Our products create special moments. Moments of joy as you give or receive a special gift, moments of comfort as you try your favorite apparel for the first time, moments of relentless confidence as you defy your limits with our fitness equipment.

What moment do you want to live today?


A story that starts with you

Widget Goon started with a simple idea: to create a place where you could find exciting new products without being limited to one product category and to actively make sure all our clients are satisfied with their purchase.

Fast-forward to today, we feature countless fun and innovative items that range from technology to art and apparel. But we don’t plan to stop here. In the future, we aim to continue to grow and positively impact more and more people with products that create special moments.

The Future Looks Bright!